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It pays to play…

…if you’re Canadian, and only under very specific conditions. The Canadian government, starting this year, is offering a tax deduction to “players on sports teams or members of recreation programs”. Check it out: Let us know if you qualify!

Facebook is dead…

…for a little while because they’re doing a system upgrade. I don’t know how long it’s going to be down for (it’s been about 10 minutes now), or how often they go down for maintenance, but I can’t help but ask myself: how much money are they losing every minute they go down for maintenance? Oh, and do they even care? It’s around 1:40 PM so it must be rush hour for them from coast to coast. Yikes! Maybe all their systems crashed and we’ve all lost all our stuff! Maybe we’ll all hear about it in the news in a couple of hours. Just remember: you heard it here first! 😉

Facebook upgrade

UPDATE: 2:20 PM, my sister must be having a nervous breakdown, she has to have her Facebook fix!

Facebook upgrade

UPDATE: It’s back up. Happy Facebooking! the best and worst sites on the Web published 3 interesting lists on the best and worst sites on the Web. Let us know what you think: 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without, 50 Best Websites 2007, and 5 Worst Websites.

Play time is not only for kids

We got some blog love from VC-TV in their Rodeo Roundup video. I love their intro to “Play time is not only for kids!”.

Play like Kaka? You wish.

The TimesOnline (UK) has published a list of the World’s Top 50 Footballers (aka Soccer players for those of us on this side of the pond). Brazil and AC Milan’s Kaka is at #1. The list has sparked quite a debate about who should be on it, off it, and what the order should be. Check it out:

Most people agree however on Kaka being #1. Here’s some of his magic on the field: featured in Top Web Apps in Canada

We got some blog love on Read/WriteWeb. Check it out:

Our site is temporarily unavailable

Our hosting service is under a massive denial of service attack. They’ve assured us that they’re working on the problem and that it should be fixed soon. In the meantime, you can just connect with other athletes the way you used to before we ever showed up: make endless phone calls, send countless emails, post flyers all over the place, get frustrated, give up and watch TV, etc. UPDATE: It’s back up. Enjoy!

Underwater hockey anyone?

Since we’re in the business of bringing people together around various sports, we spend a good amount of time researching sports that are out there. Today we discovered a pretty interesting one:

Hands off! She’s mine, I found her first

Get your own kick-ass partner!

As many of you know, I’ve been looking for some time now for a partner, a kindred spirit, to join me on my journey with iLovetoPlay. Over the past couple of months, I’ve met and spoken with many people at conferences, through referrals and from my background, in search of that special someone who had an intense love of sports combined with the right skills, enthusiasm, and vision for the venture.

My search is finally over. Interestingly, the setting in which I ended up finding my partner was especially appropriate: a co-ed hockey game.

A few months ago, a friend of mine invited me to play as a sub in a friendly co-ed hockey game since his team was missing a few players. When we got to the game, I met his team’s captain, Sandy. I realized that I had met Sandy before. We had actually gone to the same high school, but had never spoken to each other back then (we weren’t in the same grade). From the get-go, I could tell right away that she was a natural leader and had a great attitude. She was great at strategy and at motivating her players to perform at their best. Everyone seemed to really like and appreciate her. During the game, she led by example. She played hard, worked the tough plays against some of the best opposing players, and had a definite eye for goal. I personally connected really well with her during the game. She made my passes look good by consistently putting them in the back of the net.

After the game, Sandy and I reminisced a little bit about high school and talked about work, our travels, life, and about this project I was working on called iLovetoPlay. She lit up. She loved it. She wanted to be part of it. We regularly talked about it in the weeks that followed.

Sandy DahanI’m ecstatic to announce today that Sandy Dahan is now the yin to my yang at iLovetoPlay.

Forget the fact that she has an accomplished background in international business, PR, marketing, sales, and HR. Forget the fact that she speaks seven languages, has traveled to 23 countries, and is a sports nut. This woman, get this, went to the Olympic Games in Torino, Italy last year as a regular spectator and schmoozed her way into the Athletes’ Village, attended exclusive events by a major country’s Olympic Committee (I can’t mention which one), hung out with the Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey Team (who won the gold) and attended an exclusive medals ceremony and other VIP-only events. She did the same kind of thing at the Formula One Grand Prix race in Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium in 2005 where she hung out with one of Formula One’s most dominant teams (again, I can’t say which one). She was able to get access to the paddock area and mingle with a few F1 drivers. I don’t care where she’s travelling next, but I’m going with her!

Guy Kawasaki, in his book The Art of the Start, said “Women are much better judges of the viability of a business (model) than men are. … The book The Darwin Awards provides irrefutable proof of women’s greater common sense.” I totally agree. Having a woman onboard will bring much needed balance to iLovetoPlay. Sandy is intelligent, passionate, energetic, dedicated, fun, and all-around awesome. I’m very lucky to have her.