Luca Toni’s Goal Celebration: Had enough of it?


Luca Toni


Luca Toni, who plays soccer for Bayern Munich and the Italian National Team, is a great striker – one of the world’s best. He was a leading goal scorer in Serie A for the past few years and is now top of the scorer’s table in the Bundesliga. Now even though he’s a great player to watch, haven’t you had enough of his strangely-repetitive goal celebration? He has had the same goal celebration, over and over again, for every goal he’s scored, for the last 3 years. He does the “this is crazy” hand gesture on the right side of his head, takes a few steps to wind up, and then pumps his fist into the air. What’s the deal Luca?! It’s getting weird.

Yesterday he scored the 3 goals in a 3-0 win over Hannover. He did it for all 3 goals! Check it out.


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