O Canada!

StatsCan recently published alarming findings stating that only 28% of Canadians (aged 15 and over) practice a sport at least once a week. Yikes! That figure is down by 6% when compared to results from 10 years ago. Video games, long work hours or packed schedules to blame? Perhaps, but let’s not take for granted that in the past decade, most Canadians tend to turn to their computers or handheld devices for organizing their leisure activities like buying movie tickets, checking restaurant reviews, booking holidays, etc. Why not do the same for your sports life?


That’s exactly where iLovetoPlay.com fits in! No more excuses as to not having anyone to play with or not knowing where to go to reserve ice time / find a team to join or organize a game of pick-up. We’re here to solve those problems for you, in your sport, in your city.

On a more positive note, jogging, indoor training, cycling and other traditionally solo activities were not included in the aforementioned study*; so us Canadians are not as inactive as the study makes us out to be! More and more, people are jogging and training in pairs or groups, mainly for motivational reasons and to give a social twist to their work-outs. Guess what? It just so happens that you can find those types of workout partners, regardless of your age, gender or level, on iLovetoPlay.com as well…

Find, connect, game on!

(*Study sample consisted of 19 600 Canadians)


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