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Melanie from Montreal wrote to us:

While reading this week’s Gazette article featuring I couldn’t help but smile and say, “These guys are on to something. Great idea.”

Involved in sports all my life, a few years ago I stepped back a bit to tend to my career. With that accomplished, it’s high time that I got back into the good life – one that includes the fun and fitness that comes with sport. My once-huge network of workout buddies and team-mates has disbanded somewhat so I find myself looking for ways to reconnect – with them and with new people. But where to find them has been the question. Then along came “you”. Very cool. I’ll visit your site again.

I think you’re on to something. Go for it. Looking forward to seeing the commercial you just shot. Good luck staying one step ahead of the the “big guys” with your idea. I’m familiar with the adventures inherent in the startup process – I work for a 6 yr. old startup and have helped a good friend through the process as well. It’s a wild ride but worth it.

If an extra pair of hands is needed, I would be interested in helping out. I’d be happy to pitch in where needed.

Good luck!


If you’re as passionate about our cause as Melanie is, we’d be happy to pull up a chair for you. Email us at or contact us.


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